Installing Material Design theme on Linux Mint


Material Design is a visual style created by Google in 2014. If you are obsessed with it, like me, then you'll be happy to know that it is also available as a Linux Mint theme. This tutorial is actually very easy, but I made it step-by-step so it looks harder than it actually is.

Install git


You need git to download the theme. Open a terminal and paste:

sudo apt install git

Tip: Working with apt

When using apt it may ask for your password. Just type it in and press enter. apt may also ask for you to type y or n. Type y and press enter to continue.

Git Press enter.

Install themes

In the same terminal type:

git clone
Git You are now downloading the Paper icon theme. Files Open Files. Show hidden Right-click on an empty space, then check Show hidden files. Open Open the paper-icon-theme folder. Cut Select the Paper and Paper-Mono-Dark folders, then cut (Ctrl-X) them. Go back Go back using the up arrow. Open Open the .icons folder. Paste here Paste (Ctrl-V) the files here. Themes Open Themes. Add/remove Click the Add/Remove tab. Search Search for Adapta. Installing themes Click the download button on both themes. Themes Click the Themes tab. Toolbar theme Change the title bar theme to Adapta. Icon theme Change the icon theme to Paper. Control theme Change the control (window content) theme to Adapta if you want a light theme, or Adapta-Nokto for a dark one. Desktop theme Change the desktop theme to Adapta / Adapta-Nokto. Font selection Open the Font Selection menu. Changing font Set the default font to Roboto Regular. If you do not have it, run sudo apt install fonts-roboto in a terminal. Repeat this for the desktop font. Changing font Set the window title font to Roboto Medium. Now you are done!